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JM Government Consulting 


Owner, JM Local Government Consulting

Helping city, town, and county governments improve efficiency and effectiveness through organizational change, process improvements, and new technology.

Director of Permitting and Land Use for the City of Milford, Connecticut.  

Took over a demoralized and dysfunctional department responsible for enforcing wetlands, land use, and building code regulations for the city.  Transformed the department through organizational change, new technology, process reforms, and employee development.

Special Projects Manager for the Capitol Region Council of Governments in Hartford, Connecticut.

Key leader in identifying and obtaining grant funds for municipalities for pilot regional and service sharing projects.  Led landmark project to allow municipalities to procure and implement software on a regional basis, including a pilot project that allowed fifteen municipalities to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the purchasing and implementation of permitting software.  Identified and addressed internal Human Resource issues and challenges, including the need for updated employee policies, new job descriptions, and needed reforms to the organization's benefits package. 

Assistant to the City Manager of Bellevue, Washington. 

Implemented city-wide operational changes to improve efficiency, customer service, and consistency across departments.​

Senior Associate, Booz Allen & Hamilton.

As a consultant for the World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and for individual municipalities around the world, analyzed government operations and identified reforms required so that they could qualify for infrastructure loans from development banks.       

Jocelyn Mathiasen is an experienced local government manager with a strong track record  identifying and implementing ways to improve local government operations, from procurement to permitting.

Jocelyn Mathiasen