Back Office Functions

Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, and Information Technology operations, while not directly visible to constituents, are key to a well functioning local government.  

Key questions in back office functions:  

  • Does your IT selection process address the needs of both your operational departments and your IT infrastructure?
  • Do you have an IT strategic plan in place?
  • Is your procurement process efficient while ensuring transparency and low cost/high quality selections of goods and services?
  • Does your hiring and review process ensure that you are bringing on board and then developing the best people to do their best work?
  • Are their opportunities to reduce the steps and time involved in your HR, payroll, and other internal processes?

JM Government Consulting 


Sample Projects

- Examined timekeeping and payroll processes for the Boston Fire Department and developed recommendations for simplifying the process, including improved reporting and eliminating duplication of data entry.

- Assisting Connecticut's Capitol Region Council of Governments in the development of an HR portal with documents and tools to promote best practices in hiring and employee management. 

- Assisted in the review and development of work plans for improving finance, IT, and HR functions in DeKalb, Georgia; Trumbull, Connecticut (Parks Department); and Peoria, Illinois.