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Software Implementation

Managers and elected officials often look to software as a
way to improve efficiency and streamline operations.  However, the process of implementing new software is often painful, time consuming, and in many cases doesn't achieve the desired results.

Major reasons for problems in implementing software for local governments: 

  • IT professionals don't understand the work of the operational departments.
  • Operational departments don't understand the intricacies of technology or speak the IT language
  • Existing processes don't match the processes envisioned it the new software
  • Where a mismatch occurs, there is often a stalemate between line departments and IT professionals about where changes need to occur
  • A new software system, while bringing enhancements, may also lack features that existed in the legacy system and that departments depend upon
  • Implementation is a major workload item that requires significant time commitment, and already overworked staff cannot commit the resources to make it successful. ​

As a result, software implementations are often delayed or even abandoned, along with the promise of more efficiency and better service. As a consultant intricately familiar with all operational elements of local government AND the ability to communicate with Information Technology professionals, Mathiasen can help with: Identifying and procuring the RIGHT software system to meet your government's needs Examining operations and processes to identify how consistent they are with a new system Recommending changes to operations or to IT systems as needed

Implementing reforms Testing and training on software systems Moving the project forward while allowing staff and managers to focus on their key operational functions

Sample Projects

- Assisting towns in Connecticut with design and implementation of an electronic document management system for electronic personnel files. 

- Supported procurement and implementation of an on-line portal and mobile back-end system for business licensing, pet licensing, permitting, and code enforcement in Everett, Massachusetts.

- Helped the city of Wilton, Connecticut implement new permitting software on a project that had become stalled due to inconsistencies between their internal processes and the design of the system.  

- Worked with IT staff in Barnstable, Massachusetts to identify and address process issues prior to implementation of permitting software. 

- In Milford, Connecticut, implemented major new GIS-based permitting software systems that were welcomed by staff and customers as a dramatic improvement, as well as an electronic queue management system that eliminated lines in the department (see this post for  more).  

- For the Capitol Region Council of Governments, oversaw the procurement and implementation of regional permitting software and a web-based permit application module for nine municipalities.